/Sonam Kapoor helps raise funds for victims of human trafficking

Sonam Kapoor helps raise funds for victims of human trafficking

Sonam Kapoor has been a part of several human rights causes and started a wave of awareness amongst many in B-town. From fighting against the taboo of menstruation to removing the stigma against homosexuality, Sonam has actively taken part in making a change with her efforts. She was also the first person from the industry to bring out the tragic story of a stray dog that recently brought the animal right laws to the front. 

Sonam is now all ready to take up yet another cause to spread awareness about the vices of human trafficking and helping the victims lead a better life. She will be a part of a charity dinner, the proceedings of which will go to non-profit organisations helping victim with a better life. Talking about her involvement with the cause, Sonam said, “We can begin by educating our women, and even men. We need to provide employment opportunities to the victims and offer a means to a livelihood to them.”

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

She further talked about the responsibility she holds as a public figure and said, “It’s important for celebrities who are in a position of power to be able to raise funds for issues that need to be addressed. With power and fame comes responsibility, and I believe we should use that as a catalyst for social change.”

We wish Sonam all the best for this great cause she has taken up for the greater good. 

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja