/Stars talk about their siblings

Stars talk about their siblings

Radio stations will play ‘Phoolon Ka Taroon Ka’ on loop all day long because that’s the best way to explain Raksha Bandhan in true Bollywood style.  

As the nation celebrates this cherished festival that binds brothers and sisters in a protective bond, tinsel town stars tell Filmfare how they love their siblings to the moon and back.

Many celebs also took to twitter to express their enthusiasm for this auspicious day.  Here’s a compilation…

Stars talk about their siblings

Ranveer Singh on Ritika Bhavnani

‘My sister is like a second mother to me. She’s protective of me and pampers me a lot. She’s a centering and grounding influence in my life. She’s the glue that makes our family stick together. I owe much of my professional success to her and the solid support that she’s given me. She’s the best sibling anyone can ever have.’

Stars talk about their siblings

Arjun Kapoor on Anshula Kapoor

‘I’m for her and I’m because of her. She is me and she is the best part about me’

Stars talk about their siblings

Priyanka Chopra on Siddharth Chopra 

‘What a wonderful day. My favourite memories of rakhi are tying a bajazillion Rakhis on my brothers hand because all the cousins would send too. Then we would show off that he was most loved as he had most rakhis. He would cook me my favs!’

Stars talk about their siblings

Sophie Choudry on Faisal

My brother, Faisal, and I are like chalk and cheese!! He’s more tech-savvy, I’m more a people’s person. He’s a typical fiery sagitarian, says what he feels without thinking about the effect and is brutally honest! I’m a slightly calmer Aquarian but equally honest! He’s always late and I’m always on time. But we have a truly special relationship! There is a rather large age gap between us but when I was a teen he used to take me out with him everywhere. Clubbing, movies, bowling! He’s really into fitness and he’s a really good dancer which is probably where I get it from! My musical influences are all thanks to him and his opinion is always important to me. In fact I once re-shot an album cover of mine because he hated the design. And the end result was so much better! My most fun memories of him are during Halloween in London. I used to be his little project! He would do all kinds of prosthetics on me or get me really cute costumes and take me trick or treating. Then we would have a massive firework display in our garden. On Christmas Eve I would always sleep in his room and at 6 am jump on him and wake him up so that we could run down together to see our presents! Years later I found out that even though he gave up chocolate as a child, he would eat the cookies I would keep out for Santa, knowing that I check all the dustbins! We may live far apart now, we may have our differences of opinion like any brother and sister but we share a deep love and I know we are both extremely proud of each other!

Stars talk about their siblings

Tushar Kapoor on celebrating rakhi

Every year is as memorable. But the ones that come to my first are the ones from childhood where all mu sisters, cousins included, would come over and the entire day would be a festive one.